Irish Republican News · November 10, 2003
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Court told of horrific attack on Catholic
Court told of horrific attack on Catholic

A sectarian attack on a Catholic man in the Harryville area of Ballymena, County Antrim on 11 October was described by a judge as ``one of the most horrific acts that had come before the court''.

The remarks were made during a compassionate bail hearing by Neil White of Wakehurst Road, Ballymena, at Belfast High Court on Tuesday 4 November.

The court was told how the 28-year-old Catholic had the charger of a mobile phone pulled around his neck, was beaten on the head with a saucepan and stabbed with a knife while his three attackers shouted ``Die fenian, fucking die''.

When two of the men left, the Catholic man tried to escape and seized the knife from Neil White who suffered injuries and had an ambulance called.

A PSNI police patrol found the Catholic victim bleeding heavily in Henry Street in the early hours of the morning.Neil White was arrested as he left hospital later that day and was charged with attempted murder.

The court was told that the PSNI had still not found White's brother Aaron and were still trying to find the third man involved.

Judge Kerr refused to grant five hours compassionate bail to White.

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