Irish Republican News · October 27, 2003
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: UUP election candidate attended racist meetings
UUP election candidate attended racist meetings

An Ulster Unionist Assembly candidate attended meetings of the British white supremacist organisation the National Front, it has emerged.

John Hiddleston, a UUP candidate in the South Belfast constituency, admitted that he had attended several of the meetings in the 1970s.

Hiddleston is opposed to the peace process and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement

``I attended some National Front meetings,'' he said. ``But I have since distanced myself from the organisation.'' Hiddleston said he was never a member of the organisation.

Hiddleston has spoken out against his party's handling of last week's negotiations with Sinn Féin.

``After 14 meetings, and a marathon session on Sunday, with reports of a much closer relationship between Gerry Adams and David Trimble, still only a very weak deal emerged, and even then it could not be pulled off,'' he said.

Hiddleston is one of three UUP candidates in south Belfast. His running mates include key Trimble supporter Michael McGimpsey and Esmond Birnie.

Former Belfast mayor, Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey, will also contest a seat in the South Belfast constituency.

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