Irish Republican News · October 15, 2003
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: UDA power struggle in north Belfast
UDA power struggle in north Belfast

New infighting among unionist paramilitaries has led to at least one central figure in the UDA fleeing the country.

The new dispute again concerns money and power among the crime gangs who portray themselves as patriots of `Ulster'.

It is understood that up to 40 UDA men, loyal to former north Belfast `brigadier' Jimbo Simpson, attempted to seize control from the current alleged `brigadier' William Borland yesterday morning following a dispute over the proceeds of an armed robbery.

When this failed, Simpson reportedly left the country, fearing the usual bloody reprisals.

Several houses and business premises were attacked in the Ballysillan and Glenbryn districts of north Belfast during the coup.

A loyalist who witnessed the violence said: ``All hell broke loose and they tried to trap people in their homes. But we were able to get them released and those behind the coup have now learned it was a senseless step to take.``

Reports suggested that a number of families had also moved out of their homes in the Tigers Bay area after the failed coup.

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