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Dirty old men

  • Kinsey's Paedophiles (Channel 4)
  • Coppers (Sky One)
  • US Embassy Bombing (News Bulletins)
  • Questions and Answers (RTE)

Sex is a taboo subject for most of us unless it's after ten pints down the pub and a few dirty jokes. Much more so the subject of paedophilia, recently ``discovered'' by the Irish media following the exploits of a number of priests, child care workers and swimming coaches.

Sex was even more taboo in the forties when extra marital sex, pre marital sex, maturbation, sodomy, homosexuality, and even french kissing were all relegated in favour of the age old favourite missionary position, and everything was illegal except wet dreams.

Enter the revolutionary sex scientist Dr Kinsey, as featured in Channel 4's ``Kinsey's Paedophiles'' on Tuesday, whose ground-breaking bestseller detailed the many facets of the sex life of the male, taking sex out of the closet and sparking a sexual revolution.

Kinsey was a much respected scientist and travelled widely, advising various governments on sexual issues.

As with many ``respectable'' men, Kinsey led a double life, and away from his public married life he was ``a rampant sodomite and wife swapper''. He commissioned hundreds of sexual explicit films, encouraging his staff to take part for ``scientific'' but more likely ``personal'' reasons.

In the midst of his exploits he became increasingly self destructive, even circumcising himself with a rusty penknife.

Chapter five of his bestseller revealed a darker side to his research. He based his findings on child sexuality on the abuse committed by paedophiles, with whom he cultivated relationships. The most notorious was US government official Rex Greene, who molested over 800 children in his lifetime, and whose diaries, which Kinsey encouraged, were printed verbatim in his writings.

Kinsey congratulated Greene on his ``scientific research'' which included abusing children as young as three months. Greene used a stopwatch for his ``experiments'', timing the so-called ``orgasms'' of babies and older children. This was then put forward by Kinsey as proof that children were sexual beings from birth.

This revolutionary claim, which it was in 1948, now appears a sham, based on warped minds, and can only be seen as a justification and promotion of paedophilia.

Surprising then the number of academics from ``The Kinsey Institute'' in Indiana who continue to defend him in the name of ``research''.

He further claimed in his second book that girls actually enjoyed abuse. Esther White was one such child, abused by her father, who mailed his diaries to the Institute. White is now demanding an independent inquiry - the Institute is refusing to return the diaries and is instead considering re-publishing them, in the name of ``science''.

On a lighter note I await with bated breath the appearence of the RUC on Sky One's ``Coppers''. Will they batter ``Fenian'' skulls or fire off a round of plastics for the camera, or will they help old ladies across the road at the top of the Whirerock?

This programme, which is primarily a publicity exercise for peelers, follows bobbies on their beat. They carefully curse in front of the camera as they ``assist'' drunken teenagers home or ``calm a domestic situation''.

Pity the poor buggers though who were called to a nightclub scrap in Cardiff on Christmas Eve.

After rolling about in the snow with twenty something stone locals, while trying to remain cool, they were literally left with egg (or in this case curry sauce) on their face as an irate young lady emptied her takeaway contents on the head of ``Britain's finest''.

There must be easier ways to make a living!

Vincent Browne is a refreshing alternative to John Bowman on RTE's Q&A, particulary as he actually lets the audience participate, beyond the token twenty seconds and don't forget to wave at your mammy slot.

Sinn Fein's Daithi Doolin made full use of this, castigating the increase in racists and xenophobics in the `Free State'. The fuddy- duddy Aine Ni Chonaill is unfortunately not alone as many others, inspired by a right wing media, react with hysteria to the dribble of Romanians and Nigerians landing on our shores.

Michelle Smithitis has taken root in Dublin, with the much-criticied doubters, including the evergreen Eamon Dunphy, smirking to themselves - ``she's been exposed for the cheat she always was''.

Strong words but the pendulum seems to be swinging his way as former Olympic swimmer Gary O' Toole nailed his colours to the guilty mast.

Tom Humphries got to brass tacks when he stated the much disputed whiskey was most likely deposited in the capsule during urination - ``rather than a hissing sound a clear ``plop-plop'' could be heard''.

No sympathy for the Clare hurlers however, who have become ``the new Meath'' or rather the victims of trial by media. Despite their abandonment by the fickle masses, they remain on course for a third All Ireland, and much more passion on our screens.

Finally if you really want to annoy your neighbours, buy them Man Utd TV (MUTV) as an early Christmas present.

By Sean O Donaile

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